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What’s up everyone, Eliot here from Blessid Union of Souls.

I sincerely hope you and your family are all doing well.

This upcoming July marks the 25th Anniversary of when our first single ,’I Believe'  topped the charts at  #1 and to commemorate its release, we’re holding a contest in which we would like for you to create a video of you singing and playing  YOUR  version of the song. It can be in whatever genre you’d like; Pop, Contemporary Christian, Country, Rap or even your own DJ remix... whatever you’re into.  Be creative and have fun with it!

Here’s how to Enter

Post your video on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag ​#ibelieveBUOS25

On Instagram, tag ‘blessidunion’.

On Facebook tag (@blessidunion)

NOTE: Please make sure your post can be shared and has the hashtag #ibelieveBUOS25!

Videos will be judged by the band based on creativity, likes, shares and just sheer heart and soul. Don’t forget to tell your friends to share your post using the hashtag ​#ibelieveBUOS25.

So what’s the grand prize? I’m glad you asked. The winner will receive:

$100 Gift Card from Best Buy

​Blessid Union of Souls Tank Top or T-Shirt

A personal Zoom chat with lead singer Eliot Sloan

An autographed CD of 'The Singles', Blessid Union of Souls' greatest hits!

The contest will run through July 31st and the winner will be announced August 5th.

Are you ready for this? If so, break out your guitar, piano, karaoke track, video camera and let’s see what you come up with. Oh, and by the way if you are a studio geek like me with Garage Band, Pro Tools or Logic and want to throw down a beat to sing to, go right ahead. Like I said, be creative and have fun with it.

I’ve been honored to sing ‘​I Believe​’ for the past 25 years, thousands of times over. Now, I want to hear you tell the world that ​Love is the Answer!

Love & Peace
Eliot and Blessid Union of Souls

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